Steve Carlston

-General Manager NBC, Los Angeles
Jason Coombs is not only a dear friend but an inspiration to me and everyone he touches. He has unique skills and experiences that provide value to individuals, organizations and large audiences. He is a motivator and a specialist in the process of personal development He’s one of the most authentic and professional mentors in the addiction recovery industry and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

M. Bridget Cook-Burch

-International Speaker/Trainer. CEO, Inspired Legacy. NYT & Wall Street Bestselling Author. Activist.

Jason Coombs is a remarkable author, trainer, speaker and expert specialist in Addiction Recovery. He has fantastic skills to bring powerful messages to any group, organization or individual. He’s one of the most personable and professional trainers you’ll ever meet, with an extraordinary story of personal and professional transformation.

Dave Blanchard

-CEO of The Og Mandino Group, Author, Speaker, and Coach

Jason is the real deal. Few survive addiction. Even fewer rise to these heights of professionalism. He is a teacher, mentor, coach and great human being. I would trust Jason with my life!

Cory Reich

-Co-Founder of The Institute for Addiction Study

Jason possesses the unique blend of passion and intellectual capital and maturity to lead and support a program in providing much needed services for those in recovery. Jason has been providing his influence for many years. Jason understands the landscape of healing and what is necessary to create a climate of change. I respect Jason as a person and as a professional, and with confidence endorse his efforts and recommend his services for any who are seeking a safe and professional delivery system for those looking for healing, hope, and support in recovery.

McKinley Oswald

-CEO at Sound Concepts

Jason and I have been friends since we were both young teenagers finding our way in the world. I have seen Jason in the best of times and the worst times. The most impressive thing about Jason is that he has persevered through life’s challenges and positioned himself in a way to help others succeed in doing the same. Jason is an amazing people person and establishes relationships where he supports and improves the relationship in an amazing manner. As a leader, Jason finds ways to help others achieve everything to the best of their ability. Having found success in difficult times, Jason knows from personal experience how to overcome difficulty, create and maximize a support system, and find ways to live life to its fullest. Jason is dynamic and energetic, as a public speaker he is entertaining and provides very deep content that helps each individual to progress and get as much as they can out of this all-encompassing trip. I trust Jason like a brother, admire him for his perseverance and leadership, and highly recommend him.”

Bob Johns

-Vice President, Regional Sales at Progressive Leasing

Jason is a terrific human being and is well suited for his role as Executive Director at Renaissance Ranch. Jason has a sincere desire to give back to the community and help those who are struggling with substance abuse. Jason has a vast amount of experience through education and counseling that will be a great benefit to all those who come in contact with him. Each individual will be better off for knowing and working with Jason.”

Diana Rader Zisselman

-Business Development Anti-Aging Technologies

Jason’s extensive experience in the field of addiction and recovery along with his unique perspective make him a compassionate yet serious leader in the arena. I would trust him with anyone in my life that struggles with addiction. He also has a great understanding of what is needed from family members in order to aid in the recovery process. Jason is a stand out in the field!

Micah Woodworth

-Managing Director, Balance House

Jason is an excellent communicator and a very effective speaker. He inspires positive change to a diverse group of people who are facing adversity. He can provide clarity and purpose in any setting and is comfortable in any situation. I have seen Jason touch countless lives through his experience and highly recommend his services.

Jeremy Beasley

-Operations Director, Renaissance Ranch

“I want to thank Jason and his staff. They are so helpful and professional. I was really having a hard time and they helped me in so much. Thanks to them I have the tools I need to be happy again. Thank you For all the love and support. You guys are the best.”

Adam Argyle


“Jason is an incredibly gifted person whose life mission is very clear: help people overcome their addictions. He can relate to virtually anybody from any walk of life. You couldn’t ask for a better ally on your side.”

Jeff Zissleman

-Attorney | Team Elite Europe NuSkin

I have known Jason for over 5 years. We have not only been dear friends we have worked together. I have seen Jason impact many lives through using his gifts and life experiences. Jason has a passion to help people achieve their best self and overcome any challenges they have. Jason is a moving and powerful speaker who shares from the heart.