Interview Part 1~Becoming a Birth Father…

19 Sep Interview Part 1~Becoming a Birth Father…

I had to chuckle when I received the email from writer, Denalee Chapman, asking me for an interview. Is it a coincidence that I would be invited to share my story about becoming a birth father as I was writing a blog about this personal, life-changing experience when my son was born? Could it just be happenstance that the timing of this interview and the important topic of “motivation” intersect? 

I think not.

The interview was conducted for one purpose: to offer understanding about a what a birth father experiences when placing a child up for adoption. She expressed her excitement when I agreed to represent birth fathers: there are not many men in my shoes who are involved, let alone who are willing to share their heart-wrenching, yet sacred experience with adoption. My hat is off to all the birth fathers and birth mothers out there. I validate the pain, grief, loss, and depression. I know what you have been through. I honor you for doing the right thing for your child and praise you for your selfless sacrifice. 


A special heart-felt shout out to Dave and Tanya Martin, my son’s adoptive parents. You are the best examples of unconditional love of anyone I know. Thank you for raising Nathan right in a loving and supportive home. If I could make one suggestion, maybe start rooting for a different college football team:) 

Here is Part One of the interview series about my journey as a new birth father. Nathan’s birth and life was the turning point for me to nudge me through the next stage of change. This event prepared me with enough motivation to eventually take the action to achieve sobriety and long-term recovery. My heart is full and I am humbled to share this period of my life with you.

I have reserved the most precious details of this experience for you to read in my soon-to-be released book Unhooked: How to Influence an Addict and Get Results!

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