You would never know it now to meet him on the street—that Jason Coombs was once in the throes of a horrendous addiction that left him homeless, penniless and near death. He found his purpose by way of his long, inner struggle and transcendence from the ashes. Jason Coombs is now a professional speaker, coach, consultant, and the author of the soon-to- be-released book, UNHOOKED: How to Help an Addict the Right Way.


Throughout the book and his speeches, Jason bares his soul, but most importantly, he shines Light into dark place of addiction and all of its consequences. Jason offers powerful insight and personal wisdom in how to effectively overcome life’s hardest challenges, including—but not limited to—addiction, and his unique approach has fostered tremendous, life-changing breakthroughs for many.


Jason’s story has impacted thousands. In fact, at his 20-year High School reunion, he earned the “Best Comeback” award for his inspiring and miraculous transformation. But it’s not just a story: Jason uses neuroscience, proven addiction-breaking methods, and his personal experience to inspire lasting and dramatic change.


After earning a Master’s degree in Professional Communication, he and his wife Brin now operate three thriving companies, including the nationally accredited Renaissance Ranch Addiction Treatment Center in Boise, Idaho, where he serves hundreds of clients and their families every year. Jason also serves as a member of the Meridian Anti-Drug Coalition, Drug Free Idaho, working closely with the Institute for Addiction Study, and he volunteers at the Maximum Security Prison at Idaho State Corrections.


Jason and his wife, Brin now live in the beautiful and serene hills of Star, Idaho where they enjoy open space, star gazing, and fresh air. They have a set of twins (boy and a girl), and a yellow lab, Hank. Jason enjoys running, hiking, snow skiing, fly-fishing, and meditation in the great outdoors. He has a deep passion for traveling and adventure.